Vacay : Joe Podulka Appointed as New Chief Financial Officer

Vacay : Joe Podulka Appointed as New Chief Financial Officer

Vacay is pleased to announce that Joe Podulka has been named Vacay’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective immediately. Mr. Podulka brings with him a broad range of executive leadership experience in the fintech, crypto, and e-commerce industry spanning the past 20 years. Johan Bleeksma, who was part of Vacay’s founding executive management team, will continue to serve on Vacay’s Board of Directors (BOD) as a strategic advisor for the hospitality branch in the Netherlands.

Prior to joining Vacay, Mr. Podulka served as the CFO at Universal Protocol Alliance, Emergent Technology, and the San Francisco Chronicle in San Francisco, California. Further, Mr. Podulka has served as the Head of Finance at PayPal. Mr. Podulka has a proven track record leading successful management team(s) in Silicon Valley.

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